HP is one of the leading laptop company in India. HP gives their customer 6 months or 1 year warranty period when they buy it from HP stores. Users can repair or exchange their laptop when their laptop is in warranty period. But when the warranty period is over and if something happen to the laptop, then the user might have to spend a lot of money on repairing. As the company only provide 6 months or 1 year warranty period, so it will become an expensive task if your laptop has some problem after the warranty period.  As the laptop repairing charges are very high, so one needs a warranty extension for their laptop. So, Moblap gives you a platform where you can extend your laptop warranty period service at best and affordable price.

Warranty extension is that period where you can repair your laptop directly from the authorized service center. It is just like a warranty period which is given to you after your laptop’s warranty period is over. HP always wants 1005 customer satisfaction. But, they give proper care to your HP laptop when it is in warranty period. But, when the warranty ends then the service charges become very high when you go to an authorized HP laptop service center. So, if you want to extend the warranty period of your laptop then Moblap is the best place. Moblap provide warranty extension service to all the leading brands of laptops including HP, HP, Lenovo etc. at best price. But, it will be your choice whether you want to extend the warranty period or not.

Moblap gives warranty extension to all the HP laptops includes HP Pavilion Series, HP Pavilion Slimline Series, HP Pavilion Media Center, HP Pavilion Elite, HP Blackbird, HP Pro Series etc.

Also Moblap provide warranty extension to HP Notebooks like HP Compaq Series, HP Mini Notebook Series, HP ProBook Series, HP EliteBook and personal notebooks includes HP OmniBook Series, HP Compaq Presario Series, HP Pavilion Notebook Series, HP Envy Series, HP G Series, HP Mini Notebook Series etc. at best and affordable price.

With Moblap, you can extend the warranty period for as many number of years you want. You can choose from the offers given by Moblap. You can choose 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years warranty extension service with Moblap at best and cheap price.
Prices or warranty extension service with Moblap is very affordable. The prices will range from Rs. 2000- 8000 per year depending upon the condition of the laptop, cost of the laptop, configuration of the laptop, model, processor and the number of days remaining of the original warranty period of the laptop. Our experts will check the laptop and after that they will tell you the cost of the warranty period. Whether you are in Patna or Kolkata or in Bhubaneswar, you can visit our service center and you can extend the warranty life your laptop.

With this warranty extension you can repair you laptop anywhere around India and the world. You can visit to the service center or can also get home service depend on your choice. You can also visit our website for the extension purpose or you can visit our service center personally. If the warranty period of your laptop has ended, but you again want the warranty period, then Moblap has also that service where you can renew the warranty period of your HP laptop.

So, if the warranty period of your laptop is about to over and if you can worrying about the high repair charges of laptops, then with Moblap you can extend the warranty period of your laptop (any brand) at best price. You can extend the warranty period of your laptop with Moblap.

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HP Laptop Service Center Kolkata

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HP Laptop Service Center Bhubaneswar

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